Mateo Suarez and Leonardo Perazza – Derivatives Team, Interfood Americas

If you don't know how to convert data into insights, you're still not utilizing the power of the data at hand.

Hi! Can you please introduce yourself?
Hi, my name is Mateo Suarez, I'm the guy on the left side of the picture. I’m 22 years old, Uruguayan, based in the Montevideo office and member of the derivatives team. I’m currently finishing my degree in chemical engineering on the National University of Uruguay.

My name is Leonardo Perazza, I am from Uruguay, too. Montevideo to be more precise. I joined Interfood in September 2022, as a market analyst, where I will be taking over the tasks of our recently promoted derivatives trader.

While working for Interfood, I am also going through my last year of University. I am studying for a major in Economics with a focus on statistics.

Working an studying at the same time: How do you do that?

[Both smiling]: “Well, it takes a lot of time, planning and dedication. There is no better fast-track to starting your professional career than by overlapping both. Actually, it’s not that uncommon under fellow students. But honestly - yes, it can be challenging sometimes.”

Mateo (left) and Leonardo

What was your motivation to start a career at Interfood?
Leonardo: “Before starting at Interfood I had very little knowledge on the complexity behind dairy trading. But during my job interviews it became clear that the global dairy market is very interesting and dynamic. It’s full of opportunities, mainly because the markets have not reached the same level of development as other commodity markets. In addition, Interfood seeks to become a data-driven organization. This puts great responsibility on my shoulders that will help me grow and learn new skills. Mateo:” That’s called opportunity, Leo [smiling]! My starting point was a bit different. I want to make a career in trading and commercial management. Interfood – and the global dairy market just felt like the right fit.“

Mateo brings an advanced background in mathematics to Interfood. ”And on a personal level - I’d like to think I’m a committed, hard worker.” Leonardo: “And that’s an important combination to possess. Skills are one, but commitment and being a good team player really determine your impact.

Mateo: “The culture at Interfood is way different from other offices in Uruguay. There’s more trust and freedom. I think this is a great advantage Interfood has as employer for young potentials.” Leonardo: ”And, to come back to being a team player: Working for Interfood makes me feel an intrinsic part of a truly global team. I’m well aware of my responsibilities to present vital information for decision-making. Personally, this is what makes me ‘tick’: So even in times when the workload can become challenging, the satisfaction after seeing how ‘my’ insights are used to help my colleagues and shape a data-driven organization makes everything worthwhile!” Mateo: “Being on the receiving end of insights Leo can provide, I can fully acknowledge that. It’s actually pretty simple: If you don’t know how to convert data into insights, you’re still not utilizing the power of the data at hand.“

About expectations from the Interfood Academy, Mateo and Leonardo are pretty clear: “It’s a great opportunity to learn about the many players and aspects of the dairy market and how Interfood relates to them. There is no better way to kickstart our careers. Leonardo: “Don’t forget, the academy offers the possibility to get to know my fellow colleagues from other hubs too. I hope it forges a good relationship we can use for years to come!”

What is your favorite thing about Interfood so far?
Mateo: “That’s easy! I get the opportunity to start and develop my career. But to get there, first I have to show that I’m worth it.” Leonardo: “So far, from my perspective, Interfood has many data-driven challenges I’d really like to sink my teeth into. Dealing with real-life challenges and applying my knowledge gained in University is incredibly rewarding. In addition, while working for this dynamic and diverse company, I also get to visit other countries, like during the Academy. On a personal level, I feel that learning about other cultures is always a nice experience.”

Finally, what would you say to potential new team members?
Mateo: “You’ll have a really good time with a family-like team… and also learn a lot. Great to see these things can go hand in hand. And - if you’re interested in knowing the details of our social program during the Academy - just send me a DM on LinkedIn.”

Leonardo: “If you are looking for a fast-growing, challenging environment with growth potential, then you should definitely have a look at Interfood. Here you can find a good place for personal development and a nice work environment. I know, I did!”

If you are interested in joining the Interfood Team in Uruguay, or elsewhere on the world, check out our vacancies or send us your resume.

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