Protein supplier

Are you looking for a protein supplier?

Interfoods, based in the Netherlands, is the protein supplier that guarantees products of the highest quality. Proteins can be used for different applications, such as energy bars, cheese varieties, sports nutrition, meat and cheese for example. We have caseins, protein concentrates, isolates, and caseinates available in our professional offer. Discover the bestsellers of our protein supplier down below!

What products do we offer as a protein supplier?

As one of the most professional suppliers in the business, you can count on us when you are looking for:

  • Milk protein powder: a specific concentrate of skim milk, created by filtration

  • Caseins: this product is created by drying curd into a powder and has beneficial emulsifying characteristics

  • Whey proteins: concentrated by spray drying into a powder. It stays present during the production of caseins and cheese varieties

Whatever specific product you are looking for, the dedicated team of our protein supplier is here to help you. Together we can find the right item for you and your business.

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