Food safety - more important than ever! Interfood is proud to be a new ENFIT member.

Interfood truck

Interfood truck


Interfood has been approached by our client Mars to participate in this project and to propagate our extensive knowledge of the bulk supply chain. Mars is already a member of the ENFIT association and they belief Interfood and our experience regarding the supply chain can be of great value to the association’s work and in the European Working Group.

Interfood has chosen to participate in this project to further standardize and improve food safety for the bulk supply chain. Together with its members, ENFIT pursues the objective of standardization and the continuous development of food safety and food compliance in the supply chain. They are dedicated to the implementation of European, national and international hygiene regulations, directives and DIN standards in the food chain and they raise awareness of this legislation within the individual industry sectors. ‘Interfood is happy to constructively exchange information between all experts in the participating industry sectors in the supply chain’, says Toon Coopmans, Technical Service Manager at Interfood.

Left: Mr. Hans-Dieter Philipowski - President at ENFIT Right: Mr. Toon Coopmans - Technical Service Manager at Interfood

Left: Mr. Hans-Dieter Philipowski - President at ENFIT
Right: Mr. Toon Coopmans - Technical Service Manager at Interfood

Participation means to actively support the association in writing an EU guideline for the food bulk supply chain by undertaking a risk inventory. The association consists of national, European and international policy-makers, the Commission of Food Safety – DG-SANTE – in Brussels, producers and processors, monitoring agencies, consumer protection organizations, the World Health Organization (WHO), and national and international logistics and cleaning associations and institutions. ENFIT has already set the first standards with the creation of the ENFIT Food Guideline (2008) for the implementation of the hygiene guidelines for the technical and process technical equipping of cleaning plants and for the implementation of standard procedures for cleaning and disinfection procedures.

The consequence for our business is indirectly the increase of food safety, with which we meet one of the goals of our Quality department. An increase of food safety will ensure we will receive fewer claims, we will have more effective and efficient logistics, and we will see a reduction of communication between the participating companies.

Interfood is looking forward to closely working together with the ENFIT association in the aim for the highest quality in food safety.

Koen van Vugt